Frequently Asked Questions about Cake Camp

Do I have to be a member of CA Cake Club to attend Cake Camp?  YES.  All attendees must be members of CA Cake Club at the time of Cake Camp.  If your membership expires prior to Cake Camp you will be asked to renew your membership prior to attending any classes.  Membership is only $35 for one year.

Will I receive a Confirmation or Notice of my classes?  Upon registering for Cake Camp you will receive your PayPal receipt as well as an email confirming your classes.  You must receive a payment confirmation receipt to ensure you are enrolled in the class.

Are there waiting lists for full classes?  Sorry, there are no waiting lists.  You may want to continue to check the website in the event someone cancels and an open seat becomes available again.

Can I add classes to my schedule?  YES.  Simply go back to the website and login using the same user ID and password add as many classes as you like.  You can even add classes on site at Cake Camp as long as there are still seats open.    

Can I change my class schedule?  You may change a class by contacting the Registrar at tamicakes@cox.net.  There is a $25 processing fee to drop a class.  There is a $25 processing fee to drop and add a class.  Choose your classes carefully as changes can be expensive.

What supplies do I bring?  Each class that you sign up for has a supplies list.  Read the lists carefully and make sure you bring what you can with you.  There will be vendors on site and you could potentially purchase items from them once you arrive.  Please see the vendor page for a list and more information.

I heard there are vendors on site for shopping, is this true?  Yes, the vendors would love to have you shop at their booths.  Please plan ahead for shopping.  We can’t guarantee that all vendors will accept credit cards.  If you have cash, great.  If not, make sure you check the local area for the nearest ATM (we’d be willing to bet that there are some in the casino area for a small processing fee).

Do I have to attend the banquet?  No, you don’t have to attend the banquet, but it’s included in the cost of your $150 registration fee.  Why wouldn’t you come enjoy the meal and spend time with friends and Instructors away from the classroom?

Can I bring a guest to the banquet?  Yes, you may bring a guest to the banquet by purchasing an additional banquet ticket.  This is will be available on the website soon.  You do not need to register a guest to attend the banquet, only pay for the additional meal ticket.

I need a special meal for the banquet.  What do I do?  We understand that you may have allergies or other special food needs.  The catering department will work with us but these items must be identified in advance. When we get closer to the event a notice will be posted on our website and via the Batter Chatter newsletter with contact information.  If you do not place your pre-order for a special meal once we have the information available unfortunately your special accommodation will not be able to be fulfilled.

Can I bring my children, my spouse, my friend, etc. to Cake Camp?  Cake Camp is held in a public area in the conference center the M Resort.  Everyone is welcome to come to the vendors to shop and mingle in the public areas.  In order to attend a class, you must be a registered attendee and wear your name badge.  Roll call is taken in each and every class, no exceptions.  No one is allowed in the classroom unless they are a paid registered attendee for that particular class.

Did you say there was a raffle for fabulous prizes?  You bet!  At our Ways and Means table in the vendor room you can purchase raffle tickets for a chance at winning some extraordinary prizes.  Amongst the prizes are a Kitchen Aid.  All the funds from the raffle go directly towards our scholarships so it comes right back to the members.

Can I donate something for the raffle or other prizes?  Absolutely, and thank you for asking!  We can’t do this without the support of our instructors, vendors, and other donors.  Additionally, we can use assistance with filling our registration bags with all kinds of tangible goodies which go to all attendees.  Please contact Linda Butler at kittykakes@aol.com to find out more information.

What should I wear to the banquet?  This year’s theme is the Roaring 20’s and we want you to embrace that theme by wearing clothing that fits the time period.  Grab those feathers and pearls and get into the period as we enjoy a wonderful evening.  The dress is not a mandatory theme but we’re hoping you’ll decide to join us.

How can I volunteer?  Right now the committee is full and isn’t soliciting additional volunteer help.  Once we get on site sometimes we need help setting up for the banquet or preparing the classrooms.  Please check with the registration desk on site if you have some time.  We’ll let you know if we need you.  Thanks for offering!

What if I have to cancel?   We have a cancelation policy on our website at the time of registration.  Due to commitments with the hotel and with Cake Camp instructors the cancelation deadline is July 15, 2017.  Prior to July 15, 2017 you will receive a full refund less a $25 processing fee.  There will be no refunds after July 15, 2017.  Please allow 30 days for your refund to be processed.  Refund requests must be made in writing via email to tamicakes@cox.net.