First NameLast NameClass(es)Photo
BreannaKealeyBK100 Paris in the Spring -Glaze Sugar Cookies Th 6:30p-9p
BK101 Geometric Succulent: Glaze Sugar Cookies F 1:00p-3:30p
BK102 Hello Fall Glaze Sugar Cookies Sa 1p-3:30p
BK103 Pico Demo Su 6-7:30p

ChrissieBoonCB100a Fillers Front and Centre - Part I F 1p-4p
CB100b Fillers Front and Centre - Part II Sa 1:30p-4:30p
CB101 Business of Cake DEMO Sa 6p-9p
CB102 Splish Splash Su 8a-11a
JorgAmslerJA100 Harry Potter Book F 9a-4p
JA101 Cake Mechanics Sa 8a-3p
JA102 Leather Works Su 12p-8p
Julie ConradJC100 Quilled Snowflake F 8:30a-12:30p
MichelleBoydMB100 Hand Painted Floral Wreath Cookies F 8a-12p
MB101 Airbrushing for Cookies Sa 8a-12p
MB102 Hand Painted Hogwarts Crest Cookies Sa 3p-7p
MariSenagaMS100 Gumpaste Bonsai for all seasons DEMO Th 6:30p-8:30p
MS101 Chocolate Poinsettia Arrangement F 8a-4p
MS102 Chocolate Hibiscus Sa 8a-11a
MS103 Chocolate Clematis Sa 12p-4p
MS104 Dinner Plate Dahlia DEMO Sa 6p-7p
MS105 Chocolate Curly Fantasy Lavender Su 8a-10a
NancyLinsteadNL100 High Top Tennis Shoe Class Su 12p-5p
PepsyGarciaPG100 Fiesta Cake Sa 8a-11a
PeggyTuckerPT101 Christmas Bow and Candy Canes F 8a-12p
PT102 Just Gotta Love String Work F 1p-4p
PT103 Pumpkins and Fall Grapes Sa 8a-12p
PT104 Butterflies in Flight Su 11a-3p
PT105 Lilly and Ribbons Su 4p-8p
ShaileSocherSS100 Limelight Hydrangea DEMO Th 6p-7p
SS101 Statement Cymbidium Orchid Sa 9a-1p
SS102 Romantic Rose Sa 4:30p-8:30p
SS103 Fragrant Gardenia Su 5p-8p
SusanTrianosST100 Brush Embroidery Th 6p-9p
ST101 Piping 101 F 8a-11a
ST102 Shark Attack Cookie Class F 12p-4p
ST103 Chubby Little Cubby Sa 12p-8p
ST104 Ice Cream Drip Cake Su 8a-11p
ST105 Spidey Webs Su 12p-3p
ST106 Pressure Piping Su 4p-8p
ShrutiSaxenaSX100 Wafer Paper Rose Class Th 6p-9p
SX101 Bean Paste Flower Class Sa 2p-8p
TamiUtleyTU100 Basic Gelatin Bubbles Th 7p-8:30p
TU101 Bubble Buddy Rudy the Reindeer Su 12p-4p