Osires Barbosa

Osires Barbosa, known as Chef Oss, is Brazilian, and currently lives in the city of Bogota, Colombia; where he directs the Institute of Cake Decorating “Cakes by Oss Atelier,” and also his bakery with the same name. He has given courses and trainings in different countries of the world. He is an ICES Approved Professor (International Cake Exploration Societe), International Liaison of ICES and a Certified Teacher of PME. He has professional training in Gastronomy and a specialization in Ethnic Food. In addition, Chef Oss, is a Clinical Psychologist, specialist in personal growth conferences and group therapies. He constantly conducts personal relations seminars, and attends patients in his personal office in Bogota. He is a dynamic, creative character who always seeks to innovate in his creations.



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